Dear Homeowner,

After many years of visiting and careful thought, my family and I would like to purchase a second home in Newport, RI. 

We are looking for the following criteria:

  • Condo/townhome but would consider a single family home too!   
  • Any condition
  • Minimum 700 sqft 
  • Minimum two bedrooms
  • Up to $600,000

If you are interested in selling in the near future please contact me.  We are willing to wait for the right home and will pay a fair price.   

We are more than qualified and can act quickly without a long drawn-out process. I am a licensed Realtor in Connecticut but not in Rhode Island.  Therefore, I am not soliciting your business.  I am looking for a getaway home for my family to spend some quality time together. 

If you are working with an agent please have them reach out to me.

Thank you for your consideration!!